Richard Hamilton elegantly stated once that pop art is:

“Popular (designed for mass audience); transient (short term solution); low cost; mass produced; young (aimed at youth); witty; sexy; gimmicky; glamourous; big business.”

Give or take a few of those adjectives, the works that grace your screen are meant for cultural consumption by the masses. It’s meant for everybody; it’s meant for anybody willing to connect with the composition and allow their imagination to soar. Like many of the “Pop Artists” of the past such as Johns and Warhol, I am in pursuit of recreating and creating anew visual grammar that is fundamentally cold and offers little emotional depth but allows me to genuinely communicate about the breezy materialism constantly being fed to the public. For that reason, with all the propaganda, all the repetitive advertising assaulting the average American’s mind, I am creating this art in order to spur the juices of creative genius and put the “F” meant for “Fun” back into Fine Arts. Enjoy!